12 January01 February 2019

Weekends presents

Twelve months after its previous exhibition, Weekends is happy to invite you to the opening of: “Months”. The exhibition is a portrait of the dozen of day-bundles, that make up our annual trip around the sun. An amalgamated almanac of Denmark, with contributions by:

Nanna Abell

Birke Gorm

Johannes Larsen

Johan Thomas Lundbye

Alex Garff/Arne Pedersen

Lorena Prain

Mette Rasmussen


When annual fashion weeks replace plowing, sowing and harvesting, January’s boots and July’s sandals are surefire signifiers of the passage of time. When kids migrate back to school for “la rentrée” in August, to ring in the Fall, they recall the arctic birds, whose October arrival do the same. While we might not hear it, both April and September sample and remix of all four seasons, to an ephemeral track that takes seven years to paint. When we greet the visiting Stork in May, we forget the cold of February or the darkness of December. A darkness, which dilates our pupils to call forth the unseen around us. While we undress our structures for the sun in June, the trees leaves this year’s looks on the forest floor in November, and stark naked, they make out all the way till March, getting ready for the oncoming orgy of Spring/Summer.

Weekends is an exhibition platform run by Rasmus Myrup

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00_Weekends presents Months at Years, 2019 01_Weekends presents Months at Years, 2019 02_Weekends presents Months at Years, 2019 03_Weekends presents Months at Years, 2019 04_Weekends presents Months at Years, 2019 05_January_Rombaut_Canvas boot_Fall-Winter_2019 06_February_Fridge containing beer and gin 07_March_Birke Gorm_IOU_2017 08_March_Birke Gorm_IOU_2017 09_March_Birke Gorm_IOU_2017 10_April_Johannes Larsen_Bygevejr i April [Rainy weather in April]_1901-1907 11_May_Johan Thomas Lundbye_Gjensyn i Mosen med hans bedste, inderligt savnede Ven [Reunion in the Bog with his best, dearly missed Friend]_1846 12_June_Nanna Abell_See through_no secrets_2016 13_July_Rombaut_Salad sandal, Spring-Summer 2019 14_August_Lorena Prain_Fracaso Escolar_2018 15_September_Septembers himmel er så blå, Alex Garff, 1949_September heavens, Alex Garff, 1949_ Translation by Arne Pedersen, 2018 16_October_Johannes Larsen_Knortegæs Regntykning_1908 17_November_clothes left by Weekends_ Rasmus Myrup 18_December_Mette Rasmussen_Nissebræt med Lovespoon_2019

Photos by Rasmus Myrup